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Dietary fiber from crustaceans, insects, and mushrooms may aid weight loss and improve gut health. A new study has shown that dietary fiber from crustaceans, insects, and mushrooms may be more effective at promoting weight loss and improving gut health than fiber from other sources, such as fruits and vegetables.(2023-09-17)

Why immunotherapy isn’t always effective for people with colon cancer. Immunotherapy is a promising new treatment for cancer, but it doesn’t work for everyone. A new study has found that people with colon cancer whose tumors have a high number of mutations are less likely to respond to immunotherapy.(2023-09-17)

High blood pressure while lying down linked to heart disease risk. A new study has found that people with high blood pressure while lying down are at an increased risk of heart disease. This is because high blood pressure while lying down can put extra strain on the heart.(2023-09-17)

Blood pressure is higher, more difficult to manage in winter. A new study has found that blood pressure is higher and more difficult to manage in the winter. This is thought to be due to a combination of factors, including colder weather, less sunlight, and changes in diet and activity.(2023-09-17)

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