Drowning: First Aid That Can Save a Life

You can begin to provide first aid. Here are the steps for first aid in case of drowning: Remove the person from the water. If possible, use a lifeguard hook or other object to reach the person and pull them to safety. If you cannot reach the person, try to throw them a flotation device, […]

Poisoning: First Aid That Can Save a Life

There are some first aid steps you can take: Identify the poison. If possible, try to identify the poison the person has ingested. This will help the emergency responders to provide the best possible treatment. Remove the person from the source of the poison. If the person is still in contact with the poison, remove […]

First aid used to prevent bleeding

The following first aid measures can be used to prevent bleeding: Apply direct pressure to the wound. This is the most effective way to stop bleeding. Use a clean cloth or bandage and press firmly on the wound for at least 10 minutes. If the blood soaks through the cloth or bandage, add more on […]

First aid to be given when the ball hits a cricketer’s head

If a cricketer is hit in the head by the ball, it is important to assess their condition immediately and provide appropriate first aid. Assessment: Check the cricketer’s level of consciousness. Are they awake and alert? Check the cricketer’s breathing and pulse. Are they breathing normally? Is their pulse regular and strong? Ask the cricketer […]

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